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For the month of March & April
Resurrection: Living As People of the Risen Lord,
by Kristie Berglund.

For the month of June
Hope: Your Heart’s Deepest Longings
, by Jack Kuhatschek.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Let’s talk about Jesus: Do Images Matter?
Scripture(s):  Rev. 1:12-16
Note: During the Sunday school hour we may pose any or all of the questions listed below to facilitate fruitful dialog and/or to aid in life application of the scripture.

Most of us have grown up around, have seen, and possibly been limited to, an image of Jesus with white skin, blue eyes, and straight hair.  Yet, John’s description of the Son of Man in Revelation seems to paint a different picture.,

1. What are your thoughts about how Jesus is portrayed in pictures versus the Jesus of Revelation?

2. How does what Jesus looked (look) like matter (or does it)? Why (or why not)?

3. How might we (or do we need to) reconcile the conflicting images of Jesus with the Jesus that we know in the Black Church?

Final Thoughts on Black History Month

4. When we look at the presence of people of color in the Bible, do images matter?

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