The Year of WITNESS

I boldly and faithfully declare 2023 is my year of Witness.
1 Peter 2:11-12 establishes a biblical standard to set the tone for this year. 

This year I must perfect the way I A.A.C.C.T.

God calls me to a higher standard of living and I will NOT embarrass the Kingdom.
I will live worthy of my calling.
I exist to make God’s name famous.

God has anointed me to be Authentic!
I can NOT hide.
I will NOT try to blend in nor be ordinary because God made me distinct.
When others see me, they will sense the power of my God.

I have the mind of Christ, so my Attitude expects positive outcomes, hopes the best, and sees the possibilities.
Whatever comes my way, God has the last say.

I realize I must Communicate God’s goodness.
God has purged my heart from foul and abusive language.
I have been purified by the blood.
And, my speech shows I have been renewed.

This year, God will perfect my Character.
I will walk with integrity.
I will not gossip nor complain.
Because of the way I carry myself, the favor of God propels me into the spotlight.

My Testimony says, “I am a Living Witness.”
I have been called from darkness to light.
The Holy Spirit creates opportunity for my testimony.
I will tell others about the glory of God.

This year, my Witness will shine like a light on a hill.
I will not allow anything or anyone to prevent me from fulfilling this God-assignment.

The power to AACCT rests upon me,
my family, my church and my spiritual leadership.

We are living witnesses for our God through the power of Jesus Christ. 

To God be the Glory Amen.

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