The Year of Recovery

I boldly and faithfully declare,
2021 is my year of RECOVERY!
Joel 2:25 establishes the biblical standard
to set the tone for this year.

As God releases the spirit of recovery in my life,
everything I lost will be restored,
everything damaged will be repaired
and I will rejoice!

The insults and injuries I’ve survived
have repositioned me for greater reward.
I have a testimony because of
God’s unfailing love, grace, and favor.

I have been redeemed and anointed for the glory of God.

I have been released to be a change agent.

Watch God use me!

Because I am a child of the Most-High God,
I anticipate acceleration in every area of my life.
This year, I will recover it all.
Normal processes, negativity and naysayers will not stop me.

I am in position to create opportunities
for others and advance the Kingdom.

I believe this season of recovery will propel me,
my family, my church, and my spiritual leadership
into new levels of grace and favor.

We will reclaim more territory for the kingdom of God,
in Jesus name, to God be the Glory!

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